Looking Back On Jeans In 2015

So we approach the end of another year. Another year of blogging on men’s jeans, another year of doing nothing towards my true goal in life…

Im batman

So, while I’m still not Batman and I’m still not doing anything about that, I should keep up with the day job and look back on some of the men’s jeans posts I’ve enjoyed this year. And when I say enjoyed, I mean tolerated the way anyone does with work.

  • The Day The Skinny Jeans Came To Get Us – No story was more drawn out this year than this one. And what happened? Nothing! Maybe men’s skinny jeans are slightly less popular, and maybe Wrangler jeans are slightly more popular, but at the end of it all, we’re still in a world where far to many men want a pair of jeans that require axle grease for any normal sized man to get in.
  • Innovation Central – There’s always a prevailing desire in the world to improve on ideas. No matter what the idea is or how good it is. People are always going to try and improve on it. Some ideas, are non starters. Some, require you to think for a second as to why that actually might be. And some make you want to leap up and applaud so hard that your hands snap off at the wrist. None of the innovations in men’s jeans really did that this year. The jeans with additional space was a nice idea, as were the fart filtering ones. But we’ve also seen too many that tried to charge our (i)phone and ones that wanted us to go running. Keep trying guys, you’ll eventually get to Wrangler.
  • Christmas Jumpers and Jeans – Finally, we put to bed the old argument about men’s jeans and Christmas jumpers. Yes you can wear them and still retain your dignity. But don’t do it in an office full of “co-workers”.