Where Do Lee Cooper Jeans Came From?

Lee Cooper jeans are among the chic clothing available in the United Kingdom that is now getting popular among devoted denim lovers worldwide. Its fresh and eclectic look makes it one of the most loved fashionable jeans. This jeans brand is specially made to be unique and different from the usual denim jeans. Here is a quick history of those uniquely beautiful jeans you like to wear.

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What is Lee Cooper?

Lee Cooper is a clothing brand of an English company that operates internationally. The company also provides licenses for selling different branded items of Lee Cooper, including lee jeans for men. Lee Cooper  used to be under Sun Capital Partners before it was acquired by Iconix Brand Group  in 2013.

Who founded the brand?

The Lee Cooper brand was established by Morris Cooper with his friend Louis Maister in 1908. They founded the brand after their arrival in London from Lithuania, their hometown. By then, the brand was known as M.Cooper (Overalls) Ltd. They run the company under such name from Middlesex Street which is located in the East End of London. The partners then started producing workwear and sold it in South Africa.

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During its early years…

The company continued to prosper and by the time of the first World War, they already have employed more than 600 workers. They then stopped from producing workwear and started creating kit bags, rucksacks, and uniforms for the British Army.

The company opened a new production venue in Stratford. The factory, which was opened in 1937, was specially dedicated to denim manufacturing. At the end of the year 1937, the company has reported a total profit of 1,000.

Lee 12th July 1In 1939, M.Cooper (Overalls) was divided into two sectors. The first sector was intended for workwear production including the men’s Lee jeans while the other is for military battle fatigues, flight overalls, and uniforms production. The said splitting of the company was headed by Morris Cooper. On the following years, the company eventually became one among the biggest suppliers of military garments of the armed forces.

When Morris Cooper passed away in 1940, Harold Cooper, his son, took over the operation of M.Cooper (Overalls) and modernized it. During his reign, he rechristened the company and created the Lee Cooper brand. The name Lee was taken from the family name of his wife which is spelled as Leigh.

Lee jeans UK was tagged as a lifestyle brand. And just last 2008, the English Jeans Brand celebrated their centenary.