Top Interesting Facts You Might Have Missed About Levi 501 Jeans

Ever wondering  which of the jeans you used to know is the original? Yes, you are right, it’s 501 jeans by Levi clothing. Accordingly, Levi 501 jeans are the very first pair of jeans ever made in the history.  The 501 jeans were said to be invented by Levi Strauss and it has been around since 1873. 501 jeans were once known as waist overalls.

Today, 501 Jeans are considered synonymous with fashion. You can see people of different walks of life wearing these jeans, from the simple teenage celebrities to the most influencial personalities in the world. The original cut and design has also evolved. Now you can already see different washes and fits of men’s levi jeans sale.

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Here are some additional thought-provoking things you would like to know about Levi 501 Jeans.

Levi clothing was said to be invented by an American named Levi Strauss. But only a few knew that his real name was not realy Levi Strauss but Loeb.

Did you know that the original Levi 501 jeans were not actually invented by Levi Strauss? Yes, you read it right.The stateside Levi jeans were actually created by Jacon Davis , a Latvian immigrant, and another  European import. Davis was a tailor working in Reno. His creativity had lead him to the creation of stronger work pants. Because he needed to patent his creation, he contacted Levi who was at that time connected to him as his fabric supplier. Levi was the one who financed the application for patent.

Levi 501 jeansThe first pair of Levi 501 jeans were sold in 1880 at only $1.25. One of the original pair of jeans actually cost $46,532.

Levi Strauss never ever tried to wear his own jeans. Levi jeans were actually designed for laborers as a work wear. They were once used as the work apparels of the California miners at La Grange Mine. Because Levi was a wealthy merchant, he never wore even a single pair of his jeans.

The ‘V’ shaped stitch placed on the back pockets is the jeans’ brand signature signature. Strauss intentionally had it added so he can easily identify his pants.

Have you seen the red Tabs on the jeans’ back pocket? Well, you might have already noticed that of the 10 red Tabs, there is one blank red Tab. It does not even include the Levi’s name.