Kangol Men’s Clothing

Kangol_Mens_Black_t-ShirtKangol is a British clothing manufacturer, and it is renowned throughout the world for its headwear. It was founded in the year 1920 by Jewish Polish World War 1 veterans and in recent times has been making headlines in the fashion industry for manufacturing good quality hats for soldiers, workers and golfers. Kangol berets were the height of fashion after the war and they quickly gained acclaim from all over the world during the 1960s when Pierre Cardin and Mary Quant, who were designers, decided to model the hats for the rich and famous people.

The Kangol hats soon graced the heads of big name superstars and global icons such as Diana, Princess of Wales, the Beatles, and Arnold Palmer to name a few. The company also provided hats to uniformed organizations and during the 1980s the company started to make hats for the hip-hop community as well. Kangol_Mens_Zip_HoodieThe stars of the industry soon started incorporating Kangol hats into their fashion and with the release of more fashion oriented hats during the 1990s the company became the undisputed hat manufacturer of the world.

Celebrities, singers, politicians, presidents, and many other esteemed personalities have worn Kangol hats or own a pair of them. It is still considered to be highly popular amongst the youth of today and the unique and iconic designs of Kangol still attract a lot of attention. These Kangol hats are made from fine materials and they are available in different styles, colors and designs, which makes them even more popular.