The Christmas Jumper Debate

I work in an office (revelation of the century!) and I work with a group of people who are far happier and more Christmassy than I. I just sit here being grumpy and writing blogs about men’s jeans and Wrangler in the vain hopes of justifying myself. It is not often I stray from this well established comfort zone (wrangler jeans are REALLY comfortable) however I will do for the reason I’ve been blogging about pretty regularly for the last few weeks.

christmas jumpers

I’m over my brief love affair with them. I tolerated them because of how they look and feel with a comfortable pair of Wrangler jeans. In my favourite pub. Sat in the snug. By the fire, all warm and NO stop this! It’s over, you’ve failed. And do you know why it’s all gone? The people I work with.


tasteful chritsmas jumpersOver the month of December, my colleagues have decreed (that is the word I am looking for, I did not feel I had any choice in the matter) that we should all embrace the festive season. Wearing of Christmas jumpers is now mandatory on pain of being called a Scrooge and a misery guts. I have no problem with these names however I decided to try and be festive and get in the spirit of this magical time of year by turning up in my favourite pair of comfortable Wranglers and a tasteful Christmas jumper (shown, bought from Jean Scene for under £15 proving you don’t need to be crazy with price).

However, the response to my tasteful and reasonable Christmas jumper was one of derision. And we return to my pet hate about the season. I am not required by law or social convention to make myself look stupid (I’m perfectly capable of doing that on my own) and I see no reason to do so because it is Christmas.

So you can keep your Christmas jumpers. They can be tasteful and stylish, but I’ve no interest in being part of that discussion anymore. I’m going to stick to Wrangler jeans.