5 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Jeans For Christmas

Right. We are now in mid-November. As such I do not mind discussing buying jeans for Christmas now. After all it’s a happy time of year, one that we all enjoy. Or tolerate. This is nothing to do with the fact that I’m under pressure to promote Christmas shopping. In anyway.

christmas for jeans

Now, I’ve received jeans as Christmas gifts many times before. Quite often, this process has gone horribly wrong. Unless I have been with the person when they bought them. Which given it’s a Christmas present, I’m not likely to be. Where’s the magic in that?

So guys, when you’re buying jeans for someone else, please be careful. Here’s some mistakes that are common that can and will ruin Christmas for the poor sod who you buy jeans for.

  1. Get the size right! This isn’t rocket science. If you’re buying men’s jeans (indeed any item of clothing as a gift) GET THE RIGHT SIZE! I am a fuller gentleman, I am not going to fit into a set of size 28″ waist jeans!
  2. There are jeans I like… Any old set of Jeans is simply not good enough! I love you Gran, you mean the world to me. And yes, I’m sure those Tesco value jeans do represent great value for money. But do they compare to Wrangler jeans? No! Do they compare to Levi jeans? No! No point getting them, they’re only good for painting. By that I mean cleaning paint off things.
  3. Do I look like a White Jeans guy to you? Colour of jeans does matter, and you shouldn’t buy jeans that are the wrong colour. I’ve always worn stonewash blue, am I really going to go for a pair of bright red jeans? Use your loaf.
  4. Oh, do these skinny jeans come with axle grease to get me in? Do yourself a favour and make sure you’re not buying jeans that you have never seen this person wearing. Skinny jeans are obvious, but bootcuts can be just as bad if they’re not wanted. Even buying normal straight fit mens jeans is wrong if the person prefers skinny ones. It’s pretty obvious.
  5. Get all espionage on the issue. Almost everything here can be solved by talking to the person you’re buying for! Don’t ask them direct, be subtle, clever. Get the info you need before you make a colossal error.

Hope that helps. Though I doubt it will be the last Christmassy post I’m forced to do…