Choosing the Best Men’s Designer Jeans 2015

W121S751T_Front__60884.1409509343.386.513We all love our blue jeans. The best men’s designer jeans for 2015 are plentiful. There are plenty of designers that are peddling blue jeans narrowing down your choices can be rough. The love affair with blue jeans started as a necessity, they were the best pants to work in of course the 70’s changed all that and made jeans a must have style icon.

The best men’s designer jeans 2015 are your standard 5 pocket varieties that come in a full range of colors and washes.  The goal in choosing the best jeans for you is really choosing jeans that work with your body style. Some good choices are listed below.

7 for All Mankind

The Luxe Performance Line can help you get on the skinny jean train without dealing with that itchy scratchy material that denim can be. 7 for Mankind has deployed a specially treated denim in their Luxe Performance Line that comes straight out of Italy. The price is still a little pricey at about $200.

AG Adriano Golschmied

AG puts out a good jean, that’s about the bottom line. They make jeans that are comfortable and that fit will, they also come in a full range of blues so you can choose the color that you think will work best for you. Open your wallet wide the price is around $200 for these jeans as well.

Baldwin Jeans

Baldwin jeans are made in the USA and have a USA attitude about them. They are “those” jeans that you feel like you have owned forever so they are nicely broke in and super comfortable.  They are also high end at about $250 a pair but these classic cut jeans are made to last forever so they are well worth the investment.

No one likes to shell out a ton of cash on blue jeans however. That’s why brands like Wrangler and Lee are so popular, showcasing the same quality and style for a much more reasonable price.

Extending the life of your jeans can come down to not washing them as often as you think you should. Jean manufacturers recommend only washing your jeans once in a while to extend their life.