Christmas Is Coming…

Someone told me that Christmas is coming. They said that I should be telling you about all the jeans you should be buying for Christmas. What men’s jeans should you be wearing this Christmas? However, I reject this premise on one basis: IT’S OCTOBER!?!


Have we had fireworks yet? No. Have we even had Halloween yet? No. So stop telling me it’s Christmas. It isn’t yet. It’s not Christmas for 2 months nearly!?!?

Men’s Jeans?

OK look, I understand your desire to get started on the festive cheer. It’s a miserable time of year where everyone gets cold. So, instead of telling you what to buy for Christmas, why don’t we look at what I recommend for Denim lovers at this time of year? It’s close enough and means I get to fulfil my contractual obligation.

Men’s Jeans For The Winter

Now it is true that winter is a tough season for everyone. It’s also true that getting your gear right is also vitally important. Now jeans are great in these conditions. They’re tough wearing and relatively well insulated. So usually the lower half isn’t going to be a problem. However, it’s hard to know what to put with them.

So I look to Wrangler (of course) for two other key items. A set of boots and a warm jacket.

mens wrangler bootsWrangler has a great range of men’s footwear. Particularly their men’s boots. The Wrangler Lace Up Leather Gatherer Man Boots Mahogany are great, rugged and durable, making a mockery of the outdoors. They’re also roomy for a thick pair of socks meaning frostbite never gets to those toes.

In addition, bite the bullet and go double denim. The Wrangler Sherpa Jackets are great for the cold weather. They’re rugged (as always) and have that great thick layer of fur that ensures that you’ve got the best possible collection from the elements.

So there. Instead of looking forlornly to a festival that’s months away, prepare for and enjoy the winter. Yeah it might be dark and miserable. But with the above in mind, at least you won’t be cold.