Christmas Jumpers and Jeans

How is it that a seasonal event that is 24 hours long should take up so much of my time?! I sit here, writing things about men’s jeans and all I get is Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, Christ-IT’S NOVEMBER! Yes I appreciate not that far away but how much longer are the stores going to eek this out?


July in the city looks very different…

I kid (not) but the fact is that it is simply about getting people to buy huge amounts that is forcing people to keep extending this season. With it however, comes the dreaded Christmas Jumper.


Detestable things. Ha ha look at you who’s got terrible taste for 1 month of the year, aren’t you funny…

Was what I used to say. The fact is, that I now can tolerate these items because they look good in one environment with my favourite garment.

A warm country pub, with a pint of best and my Wrangler jeans. Nothing better. Yes the fact that wearing a tacky Christmas Jumper with jeans is a positive things means the world. So what rules should you follow:

  1. novelty men's christmas jumpersYou’re not being funny just rude – A real bug bear with the whole concept are the naughty ones, and you know who you are who’s buying them! They don’t look classy, they make my Wrangler jeans disappointed (yes I’m anthropomorphizing my jeans).
  2. Make sure they’re functional – wearing a jumper that does not keep you warm is not a sensible thing. No matter how many reindeer are on it. Look as can be assumed based on my earlier posts about Wrangler jeans and the like, things need a main purpose. And a jumper’s main purpose is to keep you warm.
  3. They should be tasteful – look the joke about ugly Christmas jumpers is old now. Buy Christmas Jumpers that you would be happy to be seen by the in-laws in. The mother-in-law rule is a good rule of thumb for any item of clothing be they jeans, jumpers or (most importantly) ties.

So I’m tolerating this season at the minute. Would love to get back to normal men’s jeans news but no one is doing anything but selling them it appears.