Electric Mens Jeans

Last week, we were discussing mens jeans that help in a challenging scenario for men all over the world…

fart proof mens jeans


Yes mature I know. However, now we see more mens jeans (ok only women’s so far) that help with another oh so common problem. The kind of thing 21st century boys and girls dread.

Picture the scene. It’s late. You’ve had a tiring day. You still have a long commute ahead of you. All you want is your sofa and/or bed. It’s bleak. Luckily though, you still have your trusty phone to keep you company. Good job you charged it before you left. Wait you didn’t?! Only 5% battery life?! No, it’s dying! Please no, no NOOOOOOOO!


It’s worse because he’s cute…

That is slightly melodramatic. However, given that Nomophobia (for those too busy to follow the link to wikipedia that’s the fear of being out of mobile phone contact) is a thing in the 21st century more and more people must be taking this problem seriously. Now your mens jeans might well be answering the call to arms.

Well as I alluded to before, not the mens jeans at this time (though you can buy great ones here). A company called ‘Joe Jeans’ have released the #hello denim style. At first I was more than a little intrigued. Jeans can be a number of things I thought, but now their generating electricity? Is it the friction and static from your thighs rubbing together? Surely that could go further than your phone and sort out the worlds energy problems in one fell swoop. However, the scheme is far simpler and a lot less cool than I originally thought.

The jeans have a battery. A battery. Yes it’s a slim battery and its got a button to turn it on and off but it’s a battery. I am underwhelmed. Underwhelmed.


I tried to get excited and watched the video. However that didn’t make things much better. The innovation was indeed the battery and a couple of new pockets designed exclusively for iPhones. Now I know iPhones are popular, but there are other smart phones (I’ve got a Sony Z1 Compact) will my jeans not charge them? So I read further and tried to get excited again. Nothing. Not even a little excitement. Turned out the battery will only charge an iPhone 6 up to 70%. Take that away and we’re left with a set of jeans that seem to have a nice pocket for a phone and a battery pack. Having not tested many (but knowing a few) I’m pretty certain I can get a battery pack off Amazon or similar to do that.

Oh well. Hopefully it’s a starting block to greatness. Maybe the next mens jeans innovation will be a fart stopping wonder. Speaking off:

fart proof mens jeans