Fart Filtering Mens Jeans?

Now I promised myself I wouldn’t resort to juvenile giggling. Fart filtering mens jeans

fart proof mens jeans


That’s enough! This is a serious consumer story that people need to take seriously. It is not for teenagers (and ex US presidents) to sit there tittering to themselves. Or laughing out loud whichever they prefer.

Gentlemen. Have you ever been in the presence of someone you were actually a bit sweet on but were too nervous to speak to? You finally get up the courage to speak to her you, but as you sidle sheepishly up to her, you let just a tiny little one go that makes you regret the burrito you had last night. Then as you look up at them their nose wrinkles, the stare deaf at you and storm off? Don;t you wish that mens jeans existed that could help you in your hour of need?

Well GOOD NEWS! Now there is. A company from Leicestershire called Shreddies has the answer! Yes it’s fart filtering mens jeans, now dates aren’t (as) embarrassing any more! Well the sound isn’t blocked out, so it’s not that great, unless it’s silent. Or if something worse happens OK move on!

shreddies-mens-jeansJeans for 21st Century Men

In all seriousness though, the idea has merit. There are conditions that can cause excessive gas flow and having a set of mens jeans that deal with it must be helpful. Especially as they’re not the worst looking jeans I’ve ever seen. In fact to someone who doesn’t know themselves, they look like any other normal set of jeans. Unbranded, they’re stylish mens jeans (not that I’d want to be the model who advertised them). And Shreddies don’t stop there! They’ve got underwear (his and hers) pyjamas and more. There’s plans for office wear in the future.

The idea may seem like a joke (obviously, I’ve been trying very hard not to make a few in this article) but I welcome it. Surely we can all see the benefit in a society which can be very judgemental? All in all, a worthy cause to get behind. Well done Shreddies!

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