Getting Distressed About Mens Jeans

If last weeks post didn’t make it obvious, I like my mens jeans to look tough. They need to look right no matter what and should last. For a very long time. I’m spending my hard earned money to go a long way. Hence my propensity to mens Wrangler jeans (especially the Toughmax and Durable ranges).

mens distressed jeans


That being said, I’ve seen plenty of guys who are wearing mens jeans that look like they’ve been sanded to within an inch of their life, patched up and re sanded. Okay I’m being a little much but they at least look like they’ve seen a good few years use. Then you overhear one of them talking about their new jeans and my mind is going “Those are new?!?” usually followed by “and they cost how much?!?”

Now those of you who have read this blog more closely will know my style is less about style and more about haven’t got a clue. So I did the usual and consulted with the guys in the office who seemed to be in agreement that the distressed look was in for mens jeans.

Rant commencing in ten…

mens lee jeansI cannot and will not understand this idea. Why do people want a pair of jeans that look like they’ve gone through a fight with a lawn mower and lost? And why are people going out and buying these jeans for prices that could be the deposit on a new car?

I know I’m exaggerating (it’s more fun that way) but I do not understand why people are interested in spending so much on jeans that are frankly ruined. If I was pushed to compromise I would say there is something good about mens jeans with sections that are faded. That happens over time with any set of jeans! Jeans with holes in the knees, patches in the knee, what are you trying to do? Look like a geography teacher who forgot where the patches go?

Do yourself a favour, but a set of Wrangler or Lee jeans. The fading on their jeans looks classy, not like you seriously don’t care. Which is the point isn’t it? You’re trying to look care free and laid-back, but you just look like someone who was dragged through a hedge backwards. And you’re having to spend huge sums to do it.