How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Learned To Love Skinny Jeans

Now a lot has been said over the last few weeks about skinny jeans. I am ill qualified to comment on matter’s pertaining to women’s jeans. Men’s Jeans however I think I can help with. Not sure I can help with men’s skinny jeans though. Can I?



The title (for those who are too young to remember when films were in black and white for reasons other than style) is of course a reference to Dr. Strangelove. And while comparing skinny jeans to the atomic bomb may seem a bit over the top, please understand when I say that I was by no means prepared to test out men’s skinny jeans. They are uncomfortable and I really don’t have the legs for it (I’m serious).

Learning To Love The Jeans

Despite this, everything deserves a fair hearing. And given that my last pair of skinny jeans were now too small to go over my arm, I tried to put up with a pair.

Early impressions were bad. Let’s get one thing straight. I know what size jeans I need. The fact that I was seriously questioning my own eyes when trying on a pair of jeans does not mean my diet is failing worse than I thought. It does mean that these jeans are tight. I mean seriously. My friend told me the clues in the name (cheers mate).

That being said I am a sucker for seeing bad ideas through to the end. I wore these jeans therefore for a few days. The first few were not pleasant. Changing in and out of them took considerably more effort than my Wrangler Durables (so comfortable…sorry).

But then a funny thing actually happened. I started to enjoy wearing them. I know, it was a strange and terrifying experience. I caught myself walking down the street with confidence. I felt like I actually looked good. I got the appeal for a few glorious days. Men’s skinny jeans aren’t so bad.

Since then, I’ve changed by to my normal jeans and I think I still prefer bog standard regular fit. I’m going to stop having a go at men’s skinny jeans (except ex girlfriend jeans, that’s a stage too far). They’re a choice and you are free to make it for yourself. So if you want some skinny jean’s why not try these!