Maybe Dad Was Right – You Need Bootcuts

The recent ‘excitement’ (I’m starting to get frustrated with people who use the phrase ‘news story’. They just announced the budget for the British Economy and people are still going on about this? I know, I’m going on about this but I’m not a national newspaper) around skinny jeans has led to many of us questioning what we can buy instead of skinny jeans. And by ‘us’ I mean ‘other people’ because I can’t stand them. I’m content with focussing on straight fit jeans. However, there is some logic to suggesting that maybe your Dad was right.

mens bootcut jeans


Men’s Bootcut Jeans used to be popular, I don’t doubt it. Then again so was smallpox and diphtheria (okay harsh). The fact is though that it’s likely your Dad was imitating The Kooks in his bootcuts (not my Dad, not sure he could spell Kooks) and there’s a growing resurgence. This suggests that while many of us just straight on moved past bootcuts in our quest for alternatives, maybe we shouldn’t have been too hasty. All this only happened a decade ago, are we being to quick to dismiss bootleg jeans are ‘the past’? Trends do come and go after all. Can you still get a decent pair of men’s bootcut jeans?

wrangler-pittsboro-bootcut-jeansWrangler Pittsboro Bootcut Jeans

If I’m going to buy a set of jeans in a style I’m not sure about, I’d probably look to Wrangler. And the Pittsboro Bootcut Jeans look of the same quality of all Wrangler Jeans (i.e. perfect). Bootcut is a style Wrangler should be good at, after all Cowboys aren’t known for wearing slippers. They style to me still doesn’t look quite right to me, and I haven’t worn my cowboy boots in years.

For all my good-natured fun, these are seriously good jeans. And at £49.99 they represent great value for money as well. And it’s not just Wrangler you can choose from. Levi offer the 527, Crosshatch have the Moscow, there’s a lot of choice around. So if you’re into this kind of thing check it out.

Now I’m going to get on with my next, more daunting assignment…