Mens Jeans 2015 – Regular Fit Jeans Are In

Yes there’s nothing better than knowing that your rants have potential power. Now however it seems that mens regular fit jeans are in.



Well OK, maybe mens regular fit jeans have their limitations. I’m certainly not going to advocate wearing them to see the Queen for example.



One is not impressed

So we know that these jeans are great but hang on, what am I going on about?

This is a continuation of my flimsy attempt to review mens ‘fashion’ trends of 2015, with a particular focus on mens jeans. Last week I spoke about the rise of mens Wrangler jeans and how their growing popularity is indicative of a shift in mens fashion. Of course I am using the word ‘fashion’ loosely, but it is interesting to present this as a kind of alternative to the norm? Yes lets go with that.

Mens Regular Fit Jeans Fit Like a Glove

Mens jeans are a slowly moving towards more comfortable jeans. Skinny jeans suffered this year (as we’ve spoken about before) but there are more than enough people who will purchase skinny jeans so if that is your particular poison then I wouldn’t worry about it. However, the flexibility of regular mens jeans is drawing more and more admirers. I’m not going to say that all of a sudden cat walks are are going to be filled with Wranglers but they are certainly growing.

If you want an example of the kind of jeans I’m talking about (and because I’m not going to keep banging on and on about Wrangler) you could try mens Lee jeans, a classic set of jeans. They are smart and casual at the same time. Looking at styles like Lee Brooklyn Comfort jeans again embodies the thing we’re talking about. The style of designer jeans in a comfortable fit. Additionally, they come at a great price.

This is easy. I wonder what I’m going to talk about next…