Mens Jeans 2015 – Why Mens Wrangler Jeans Matter

So, we appear to be in the time of year when so called experts all over the world are telling you what you should and shouldn’t wear. There are some telling you skinny jeans are dead, others who are saying they will never die. Some are telling you to buy black (its slimming apparently) while others are calling for more bright colours. The opinions vary, but the message is always the same:



Now I write about mens jeans a lot (it’s something called a ‘job’) so naturally I should have my own opinion on this. And I do. However, I am not in a suit. I will not ask you to trust me, that is entirely your own choice. I will however ask you to indulge my opinion. It will be less a fashion review and more a ‘fashion’ review. Yes it may be wrong, wildly ill informed and based on me sat here in my Wrangler jeans moaning about the state of the nation. Speaking of which…

Mens Wrangler Jeans Are In!

mens wrangler jeans toughmaxIt is official, and I start my review of the current ‘fashion’ trends with a big grin on my face. Now I’m not saying these are the most fashionable jeans money can buy. That however may well be the point. Wrangler jeans are undergoing a resurgence this year. Wrangler’s revenue over the first half of the year has seen a strong resurgence in performance, with sales every increasing. Mens Wrangler jeans are continuing to rise in popularity as well, getting stronger and stronger in terms of overall sales and public image. It speaks to something of the time we live in. Normal people don’t want (and cannot often afford) jeans that are flamboyant and likely to be uncomfortable/fall apart. So more and more men are turning to Wrangler jeans in a bid to have a set of jeans that can be worn to meet a disapproving mother-in-law and also help your father-in-law put in a new fence panel in the garden (those are weirdly specific examples, but my Wrangler Toughmax Jeans got me through them and can get you through them too).

So my first hot tip for mens jeans in 2015. Buy mens Wrangler jeans. They are still as tough and relevant as every and will satisfy just about any fussy mother-in-law.