Men’s Jeans For DIY

The summer months are always punctuated by Football. It could be the World Cup, the European championship, or just good old fashioned friendlies. However in recent years one thing has excited more than anything. The transfer window. The period of the year that big clubs haggle over individuals worth millions of pounds.

Now what does this have to do with men’s jeans, indeed any type of jeans I hear you cry. Well I don’t, you’re probably miles away. Well recently Christian Benteke signed for Liverpool for a fair few pennies and the club then tweeted the following photo:



Now it is testament to how unsurprising this transfer was in that the main response to this seemed to be “he’s been painting in those jeans?!”

Now while if I ever signed for Liverpool I would not turn up wearing a pair of jeans which apparently have paint on them (I’ve no idea if Christian has paint on those or what) but I don’t exactly see what’s wrong with men’s jeans worn for DIY. Think about it…

  1. They’re durable – I’m constantly going on about my Wrangler jeans and the fact is that when doing DIY you want something dependable and reliable. And jeans are among the most reliable item of clothing for any scenario. So it stands to reason that when painting, sawing or doing other DIY related things, jeans would be a solid choice as they would protect you from the worst this can throw at you. Secondly…
  2. They’re comfortable – Now recent ‘news’ stories aside, jeans are some of the most comfortable items of clothing imaginable. Obviously if you are wearing slim fit or skinny jeans while working you’re asking for trouble. But a comfortable pair of men’s jeans are surely ideal for dealing with the hustle and bustle of manual labour.

I like wearing jeans (particularly my Wranglers) and won’t stop wearing them while tatting round the house any time soon. So consider this an endorsement of Christian. He turned up ready to knuckle down and work hard. And his jeans proved that. So be like Christian and get a hard working pair of jeans. Maybe a set of Wrangler Jeans?