Mens Jeans For Jogging?

Editor: We in no way believe that you shouldn’t exercise. Exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle and along with a balanced diet can help to promote a long, happy life.

This statement is given as I’m pretty sure you’re about to read a rant about exercising.

mens jeans joggers

It’s too much. I’m serious. There is nothing that we will not sacrifice to the great god that is fitness. Eat your greens, go for runs, don’t eat all those doughnuts etc. etc. Now however they have gone too far. Now they want a pair of mens jeans that you can go jogging in?

sneaker jeans

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Now to offer an entirely (shut up) balanced view on this product, I am sure that if it gets off the ground it will be hugely popular. There are people who combine these things together and are quite happy with them. So if these are the kind of jeans you are interested in please disregard the rest of this post and go to the kickstarter page and support this venture, for there is no other way to truly improve the world than to innovate. For those who aren’t, I will continue.


The Unimpressed Dog Strikes again…

In case you aren’t sure or are new to these blogs, I love mens jeans, with a particular liking for mens wrangler jeans. I am a comfortable, relaxed sort of guy. Until something comes along that completely knocks me off my feet. Jeans are for being comfortable and/or stylish in. They are for sometimes manual labour, sometimes for a nice meal out with your family, sometimes for lounging around on the couch playing games or watching TV. They are NOT for running up and down the street wearing sneakers and listening to music with a disregard for what is going on around you.

That is more of a rant against running than anything but honestly? Why cant’ we leave the jeans to what they’re good at. I’m sure these are absolutely wonderful if you like that sort of thing but I don’t and it saddens me a little. We have jeans, we have joggers (which I would never wear anyway). I might be the last person on earth who should be commenting on these things, but I see no reason why mens jeans should not stay as mens jeans. Jeans have got a comfort zone (and yes so do I). I will stick to buying my Wrangler and Lee jeans thank you.

That being said I am sure that this product will be popular because I have seen people wearing these things. So if you like them, please take this as the rant it is, ignore it and go and support the project. They look like they’ll be good for trendy youngsters (something I’m definitely not on two counts).

There, balanced. Told you I could do it.