Men’s Jeans Hopes For 2016

So holidays are done. We’re back at work and it’s as if nothing has changed…

back at work

So no point fighting it. Might as well get back to work. So men’s jeans. Nothing happened this year really with those yet. I’m wearing them. Is that news?


OK if you’re going to be sarcastic, here’s some things I’d like to see coming from men’s jeans this year. Maybe it will be a serious article….

  1. Men’s Wrangler jeans to get even better – Might as well start with the least likely thing first. Wrangler jeans are awesome in every way shape and for and I cannot see anyone coming up with a way to improve them. Fact.
  2. Men to be banned from wearing women’s skinny jeans – Skinny jeans are bad enough (as I’ve made perfectly clear before). However I do not and cannot understand this fad! How is it that these jeans are legal? Socially unacceptable, frightening, damaging to the environment (probably), likely to cause the extinction of the human race (if every man wears them)! Let me put it this way. Men;s jeans have many excellent brands and styles. Wrangler, Lee, Levis, Vans, Lee Cooper. We have no shortage of excellent jeans available to us. Why we feel the need to borrow women’s jeans is ludicrous. Incidentally, someone told me they’re called ex-girlfriend jeans. I presume that is for obvious reasons.
  3. Hoverboards – I’ve seen Back To The Future. Jeans and hoverboards were born to be together. Yet for some reason the closest we’ve got are boards with wheels. THOSE DO NOT HOVER.

So yes, maybe that is less what you wanted. However, seriously I’m really looking forward to 2016. Last year we saw some great innovative ideas in the world of jeans. Some were good (men’s jeans with more room) some were average (a silly charge pack) some were, well less said the better (jogging in jeans?). Who knows, maybe the next men’s jeans innovation will be a fart stopping wonder. Incidentally:

fart proof mens jeans