Mens Jeans Under Threat From Leisure Wear!

Mens jeans and indeed all denims are sacred. They’re James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause, they’re Wrangler cowboys bringing in the herd. They deserve defending, they should be held on the highest pedestal. Not, I repeat not, coming under threat from a cross between sports clothing and wearing sports clothing for the exact opposite reason you might wear sports clothing.

mens jeans under threat

Mens jeans are cool. Wrangler jeans are cool. A shirt and tie is cool. Wearing sweat pants when you intend to do nothing but sit on the sofa. NOT COOL! As I said in my post about the jeans/joggers cross, there are some things that are designed to be worn lounging on the sofa, some things are for running the 4 minute mile (shorts one would assume), and the two should never meet. So why is it that jeans are coming under threat from people wearing joggers when they’re doing nothing energetic at all?

I know I’m probably biased in this (I write for a blog about mens jeans and fashion afterall) but I’ve never understood the appeal of tracksuits or leisure wear. Now they’re moving from the gym out into the bid wide world. Some are even moving into some VERY relaxed offices (I’m not even sure you should wear jeans in offices). There’s some global “celebrities” who are driving the look on and well, that’s really all I want to say about it.

Jeans Companies – A Rallying Cry

Now I know that some denim companies are likely to see this and think “Uh oh”. However, I urge every single denim company to fight back. Denim aren’t just a clothing option – they’re a way of life. Just like Wrangler’s Wrangler or Wrongler campaign, I urge those who love their jeans to fight this out break. Jeans are worth defending. Would John Wayne have looked good in a pair of joggers in The Alamo? Would Born in the USA sound as good if Springsteen was in a a tracksuit? No, so stand up and be counted. Mens jeans are worth saving, so get to it!