Men’s Lee Jeans

Next only to Levi’s and Wranglers in terms of overall popularity, women’s and men’s Lee jeans are a staple of worldwide casual fashion thanks to their comfortable fit and eternal Western style. It is little wonder that men’s Lee jeans have garnered quite the reputation for their overall quality.


Founded in 1889 by Henry David Lee in Salina, Kansas, the company first produced jackets and dungarees made from the denim that is now so associated with jeans. The early growth of the company was due to its emphasis on producing a high quality product and coming out with new, innovative types of clothing apparel.

In 1913, Lee produced an all-denim work jumpsuit for factory workers and followed it up in 1920 with their first line of overalls. Later in the same decade they produced the zipper-fly jeans that became quite popular and the company expanded as a result. By World War II, Lee had become the premier manufacturer of work clothes and the Lazy “S” on the back pocket became standard with all of their jeans.

However, it was not until the mid-1950s that Lee fully expanded into casual wear and started emphasizing the Western style of their men’s Lee jeans. By 1996, Lee had launched their famous Lee National Denim Day as part of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to date has helped raise over $75 million for the cause.

api7g7jgw__17825.1439124309.1280.1280.jpgc-2Why Choose Men’s Lee Jeans

There are a number of reasons why men’s Lee jeans are the perfect choice thanks to a combination of factors that have helped sell the brand for many decades.

Comfort: Lee jeans are noted for their comfort thanks to the denim fabric used in the jean design. The denim is strong, but breathable and works under most environmental conditions. In addition, the cut of the jeans and overall design provide the room that men need to comfortably sit, walk around, or do whatever they need without having to worry about the fit.

Style: The Lazy “S” on the back that became a trademark of men’s Lee jeans represents in many ways the enduring style that they have with fans of casual wear. Lee jeans are noted for their unique appearance, yet they fit in so well in most casual situations. While there is no denying the Western flair that the jeans offer, they also fit quite well into the modern world thanks to their timeless combination of style and comfort.

Durability: Finally, under normal use circumstances it takes quite a while to wear out a pair of Lee jeans. For those who are looking for more than style, men’s Lee jeans offer superb durability and quality over time.

For men who are looking at getting the best pair of jeans at a low, affordable price, few brands equal the style, cut, and overall quality of men’s Lee jeans. They offer men of all sizes a high quality product that provides the hint of Western flair with a modern selection of many different styles.