Mens Wrangler Toughmax Jeans

I have a confession to make. Something that some people may already have guessed. I’m addicted to Wrangler jeans.


There are no funny images about addiction. It’s serious and you should be ashamed of yourself for expecting more fart jokes.

I honestly don’t know how this happened. One day however I bought my first pair of mens Wrangler jeans (here if you’re interested). There was something about how they wore and the feel of the denim against my skin that made me want more and more. So I bought another pair. And another. Now every pair of jeans I wear is a pair of mens Wrangler jeans. They’re sublime. I love them. And I now take every opportunity to mention them and share them with the world. I have now bought a new pair. And I love them. Why? Because they’re tough – to the max!

Mens Wrangler Toughmax Jeans

mens wrangler jeans toughmaxThese are the jeans in question. They are simply amazing. They’re pretty much everything I have come to expect from mens Wrangler jeans. They are tough. They are durable. They are comfortable. And they are fabulous!

fabulous mens jeans


No not that kind of fabulous! Except, the tiger bit. I guess. I don’t know…



Bored of this now…


Look, they’re just perfect. I’ve had plenty of jeans in my time, some I’ve loved, some I’ve despised, some I’ve tolerated. With mens Wrangler jeans, it is normally the first one. However, I will say that these Wrangler Texas Stretch Toughmax jeans are actually the best jeans I’ve ever owned. They brilliant. Everything is here:

  • They’re comfortable with the denim feeling relaxed and flexible.
  • They’re tough and can put up with the cat trying to claw at my leg all night
  • They’re pretty good looking jeans. Seriously, I’d wear these to meet a disapproving Father-in-law I was trying to win back.

Point made? The kicker however was the price. At £47.99 they’re the most expensive mens Wrangler jeans I’ve ever bought. But they’re worth every penny. Frankly they’re worth more, they’re an absolute steal. Get your cards out, go buy them. Now. Stop reading this and go and buy them. Need more? Here, buy them at Jean Scene.