No to Skinny Jeans? Try Straight Fit

If following the story about Skinny Jeans has taught me anything, its that no matter what else is happening in the world, a good story about how something household being damaging to your health is going to trump pretty much anything. Sadly. So you don’t fancy your skinny jeans now. And your lost. Despairing.

Skinny Jeans Gone


Now I can’t comment on women’s fashion too much. I barely understand why men wear skinny jeans, so I’m less likely to be able to understand why women do. My friends (I have friends honest) tell me about the stylishness and how people like them in the summer but when they’re restricting you to the point of injury, its a bit far. Yes I get that there were extenuating circumstances in this case, but it brings me to the other thing I learnt from this story. Another reason why I won’t be going out and personally buy a pair of skinny men’s jeans (however if you want to, here’s a link, I won’t judge. I won’t know for a start). So what do men like me do if we want stylish jeans?

Straight-Fit-JeansMen’s Straight Fit Jeans

Look at the jeans in that picture. Are they not stylish? Are they going to be laughed out of a night club (can you still wear jeans while clubbing)? They look fine. They’re good looking, comfortable and they are just regular fit jeans.

Men’s Straight Fit Jeans (regular fit, I don’t know which) are the answer here. They look good, they’re stylish, and more importantly comfortable. I don’t see why you would buy anything tighter. At the end of a night out it should not take a tub of axle grease to get you out of your jeans. If you’ve been out on the town likely hood is your feet will be sore, it will likely be very late (or early depends how good the night was) and you are not going to want a wrestling match with your jeans. You’re going to want to come in and relax.

I’m the target audience for skinny jeans. I’m the audience for regular and comfortable fit. And from where I’m standing, men’s regular fit jeans are just fine by me.