Not On The High Street!

So I don’t know if you’ve been out in your men’s jeans recently (this is preferred to pyjamas or track suit bottoms I’ve been told) you may have noticed that the high street is an insane mess of people, some of whom are willing to beat each other up to get discounts on blenders and tea cosys. Even with online sales, there are some things that people still insist on buying while they’re rushing around in the cold. Clothes and in particular jeans are considered to be something that you must buy in a shop. However, let me give my opinion on this in no uncertain terms:

buy jeans online

I have been buying jeans, particularly men’s jeans for a long time. I own a sizeable collection of men’s wrangler jeans. Do you know how many of those I bought in a physical shop? One. And even that was done in passing.

I get that there are concerns about buying things online that need to be a particular size. However, it’s easy to avoid these problems with a few simple rules:

  1. Know what size is best – I’m going to take a wild stab and say that you, like me, already own some pairs of jeans in your preferred style. If so, then you should have literally no problem buying jeans like this online. Why? Because the size of jeans doesn’t vary so much that they will be wildly out. In that case:
  2. Buy from a reputable retailer – If you order off a (for lack of a better word) dodgy site, then you may well get stung. However, most online clothing vendors have a returns policy which you can make use of if your new Wrangler jeans are well out of scale. Jean Scene for example have a great returns policy for you to make use of. Lastly:
  3. Relax – Buying online is far less stressful than buying in a shop. You are under no direct pressure, can take your time and lastly no one else will have tried your clothes on.

So buy your jeans online.