Rocking the Apple Look

So Apple are influencing the world once again, but it isn’t what you think! This time, Apple are turning to revolutionise the world of mens jeans! Oh great and mighty Apple, please deliver us new space age men’s jeans!

….what? You’re pushing shirts and jeans as office attire. OK…

mens jeans and apple

Yes, Apple have started a new trend of men who wear jeans and a plain shirt for business. So people now seriously think that a plain shirt and jeans are acceptable in a work environment. Because Apple do it. At some point, Apple are going to do something completely outrageous. That will catch on just because it’s Apple. Don’t get me wrong I love Apple products, but that doesn’t give them the right to start a whole new work fashion revolution!

Men’s Jeans At Work

In all seriousness though, the issue does need to be raised (again). I work in a large, serviced office where several companies all work in the same environment. My office is very strict on dress code. Suit, tie and that’s how it is. I do however see plenty of people who work in other offices rocking this particular style. I can sort of see the appeal of this in terms of the comfort and the fact that some mens jeans are pretty stylish, especially the darker hues. And it can be difficult at time to tell them apart from some suit trousers. However, what do you wear when you get home to help you relax? What do you wear to be comfortable? You see there is a defining line between work and home that becomes harder and harder to define if you don’t keep it clear. Wearing jeans at work is fine if allowed, however even given the choice there is something fundamental about ensuring that your attitude at work is rooted in how you dress. Casual dress, casual work. Keep the mens jeans for home and suits and ties for being serious.