Skinny Jeans Hurting? – Get Over It

Recently, a story has broken in the news of how an Australian woman had to be cut out of her skinny jeans due to her legs going numb. Doctors said her ankles grew weak and she was unable to stand up because of nerve damage to her legs. This lead to the British media having a field day:


Now while it is true that this woman did suffer from wearing her skinny jeans, when you dissect the story (as is done here in by NHS UK) we see that the woman in question was crouching and squatting down for long hours while helping a friend move house. Some media outlets (guess which one) stated that the jeans had reduced the blood flow which had caused the problem. Now as you can see in the NHS report, this is completely wrong. The blood flow was normal, and the fact is that in all likelihood the damage was done by the squatting and the jeans made the problem worse.

So here’s the question that for me is running around in the open waving a pink flag and yelling at the top of it’s voice. Why was she wearing such uncomfortable jeans to do the job?!?


It’s harsh but probably very true. I’m not a great fan of skinny jeans, largely because I find them uncomfortable. However I do know what they are designed for, and I know what they’re not designed for. Skinny jeans are NOT designed to be worn while doing manual labour. They are not designed for prolonged periods of crouching. Skinny jeans are designed to look good and be worn on a night out with your friends. Now however scene’s like this are more and more likely to emerge.

Now if your skinny jeans are uncomfortable, here’s a thought: Stop wearing them! Don’t jump on the bandwagon. Just because so called newspapers and news sites say that they’re bad for your health doesn’t make them so. Personally I will rely on institutions like the NHS to tell me what is and isn’t bad for me. The fact that they have come out and stated that this was a case study of ONE woman just means that we should be aware of it as a phenomenon. It doesn’t mean we should stop wearing them. If you like skinny jeans, all power to you. Just remember, they may get uncomfortable if you wear them for long periods of manual labour.