Tough Jeans Are In

So earlier on this year, I read that the new fashion (particularly in men’s jeans) was for men to be tougher, more rough and ready. Upon reading this I paused and looked out of the window and saw a lot of guys wandering round in men’s skinny jeans and I chuckled to myself about how misguided that seemed. The world outside looked exactly like it had for a while. Men weren’t getting tougher. They and celebrities seemed to be more and more giving off the impression that being as young and as skinny as possible was still the norm and in thing. Over the last year (I dunno, maybe this guy had a crystal ball or blogs really do have the power to change the world) he’s been proven right.

tougher mens jeans

I am going to lay the cause of this on Game of Thrones and other shows that are set in world weary fantasy lands (or England circa 800AD). The beards are in and it simply isn’t possible to wear a beard with skinny jeans. So men around the world are gravitating towards a more rough and ready style. Sadly for me this is becoming a lean towards distressed men’s jeans which look like they’ve seen one too many episodes of the Walking Dead or some other post apocalyptic tv show.

tough mens jeans

The thing is, you don’t need to get a set of jeans that look like they’ve been sanded down to look tough. There’s a huge collection of great men’s jeans from brands like Wrangler that simply wearing will make you look tougher. Wrangler were after all based out in the wild west and as such they come pre loaded with a reputation for being rugged and tough. As the afore mentioned article pointed out, if you just wear jeans for 6 months without washing they become rugged and worn. The best bit then is that instead of jeans with already ripped/faded areas that are likely to become more damaged over time and eventually fall apart, you’ve got a pair of men’s Wrangler jeans that will last for the 6 months to become distressed then for years after! Win win!