When’s there’s not enough room in your Men’s Jeans…

A few weeks ago, I made a funny post about men’s jeans that were designed to absorb your farts….

fart proof mens jeans

Oh I’m about to make it worse. Now we’re going to take a look at a new innovation. Men’s jeans that are designed to give extra room around the crotch…

laughing mens jeans

Yeah I don’t need to say a whole lot more

Yes gentlemen. Are you skinny mens jeans causing massive discomfort to your private areas? Do you feel uncomfortable when you get excited in your tight men’s jeans? Well look no further than Mugsy Jeans for all your crotch related denim complaints!


OK OK I’ll stop being silly and look at the actual ‘science’ behind it.

The founder of Mugsy Jeans, Leo Tropeano, started the company from his own personal experience. Being unable to find skinny jeans ample enough in that area, he set out to create a pair of jeans that help to alleviate this specific problem. And his idea is gathering momentum. Now I could make a lot of unhelpful comments here like buying a pair just so you can say you got a pair of skinny mens jeans from Mugsy just because normal men’s jeans didn’t have the room for you. Or the founder making the company to use as a chat up line. But I’m not going to. I am going to put my hands together and applaud the guy for his idea. I am going to applaud him so hard my hands are likely to snap off at the wrist.

I like comfortable, loose fit Wrangler jeans and Lee jeans. There are many, many reasons for this. The chief amongst which is I want, nay need jeans to be comfortable! Skinny jeans have often been outside my scope because they are not comfortable. They are uncomfortable. In this area in particular. Here is a man who saw a problem. A genuine one that affects men all over the world. He saw it, he fixed it. And there are men all over the world who are going to want to buy him a beer for that.

I’m going to stick with Wrangler jeans myself, purely out of habit and not being sure if I can get his jeans in the UK yet. But, Leo Tropeano. Well done. Men’s jeans will be the all the better thanks to you.