Wrangler Jeans Announces Casual Friday For Everyone!

I don’t often disagree with Wrangler jeans...

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Okay point taken. That being said, I don’t often do. What’s not to like? Great mens jeans available at great affordable prices (especially the Wrangler jeans range at Jean Scene). However, Wrangler have made my life rather awkward. Now people at work are asking “So do you agree with Wrangler about making casual Friday more prevalent?” Okay no one in the office is asking me that (I’m not sure they could spell prevalent) but it is the kind of question that does irritate me.

Wrangler Jeans may have mistepped…

In case you’ve never read any of my posts about Wrangler jeans before (in which case run before you have to read them, don’t hang around just go) then you need to know that I love mens Wrangler jeans. They are in my opinion the best jeans money can buy and I don’t see why anyone should pay more or less for a set of jeans.

However, I do believe that jeans have a time and a place. I’ve said before about how I like to reserve my denim wearing for my home environment so I’ve got something to look forward to at the end of a long stressful day doing little to nothing in the office (I’m lazy).

So I don’t like, in fact am diametrically opposed to the concept of casual Friday. There is no reason for one day of the week for staff to be allowed to come in in whatever they peeled off the floor that morning, be they jeans or otherwise. Now Wrangler are trying to push casual Friday back to the forefront of accepted practice.

The office however, is for people wearing suits. It’s something we do to ensure that visiting clients see the company as a professional outfit and that staff know when they get there they’re expected to do work. Why should one day of the week everyone be lazy and casual about everything? You’re paid to work. So Wrangler, I’m sorry but unless you start making suits, I’m not wearing Wrangler to work (side note, make suits, that would be awesome).