Wrangler Jeans Are On Fire (or not)

As if mens Wrangler jeans weren’t tough enough. Now they have deigned to take on one of the primordial forces of our planet…


Wrangler, your reputation is assured. You are among the toughest denim manufacturers around. Your Wrangler Texas Stretch Toughmax jeans are practically indestructible. Your Arizona Water Resistant Jeans can be used to pull boats out of rivers (at least that’s what Kimi thinks). So why is it that you insist upon raising the bar? At this rate you are going to set the bar so high that no one, but no one will ever be able to reach you.

Innovation I like from Wrangler

Now I said in my last post how despite not being overly keen on the jeans for jogging idea, I accept the need to innovate. Wrangler are always ones for innovating, but not in fart proof jeans or jeans that charge your phone. Wrangler is asking “What do fire fighters and trawler fishermen need? Jeans that are fire and water resistant? Okay then!”.

In all seriousness I am struggling to think of a reason why Wrangler has gone to this trouble, beside the examples above. Water resistant makes sense, I live in the UK and love that aspect of Wrangler’s mens jeans. But I am struggling to put myself in a scenario where feeling happy that my jeans are fire resistant is going to be able to overcome the overwhelming thoughts of “OHMYGODMYHOUSEISONFIRE!!!!” They’re a great concept however and I like the fact that Wrangler is harking back to it’s cowboy roots, where the ability to stomp out a fire while not being worried about the state of your jeans after the fact is going to be very positive indeed.

Personally, I’m going to stick to my £30 Wrangler Texas Stretch. Sure they’re not fire resistant but then hey neither am I and I know which I’m going to be more worried about in a situation involving fire.